Belonging: A Letter to My Daughter

I am so, so happy to finally share this video I made in collaboration with the SALT Project and WFYI. This is my first animation and I loved thinking in motion, rather than still images. The initial concept for the images was centered on the embroidery hoop, that wonderfully simple and old tool that can be used to make such complex designs. As I began sketching, I wanted flowers and shapes emanating out from the embroidery hoops, like they were almost growing from whatever was in the center.

The piece was written and art directed by Liz Meyer and Gretchen Sommers, and it has special meaning for me. As our seven-year-old girl grows up, Christian and I have been thinking about the best ways to empower her, to make her feel comfortable in her own skin, and to help her feel confident. Working on this project reminded me how hard it can feel to be a kid (especially a girl) and that simple messages of encouragement can go a long way in making a child feel loved.