Flowers & Pillows!


I am so excited to share with you my first set of throw pillows! This pattern was commissioned, let's say, by my daughter, whose bedroom we recently redecorated. As we were thinking about changing her room (getting a new bed, removing shelves, adding a small piano), I wanted to make something just for her that felt special and gave her some agency in the transition. She asked me to make her a pattern out of roses, her current favorite flower, and print one pillow in her favorite color, teal (which she insists on calling "blue"). (She also asked for a wallpaper with foxes, unicorns, dolphins, fairies, and stars...but that one is still in the works.)


Personal projects are essential to my practice because they give me a chance to try something new or different, or even just revisit an old material I haven't worked with in a while. Typically, clients see my portfolio and ask for something that looks like other things I've made, so it can be tricky to venture out from a particular process. But lately I've been wanting to use a brush and work a bit more loosely. This project was the perfect opportunity to pick up a paintbrush and get out the Sumi ink.


After a few attempts, I landed on an illustration I was happy with and then made it into a repeat pattern (the original drawing was 9x9 inches and the repeat can scale). For the pillows, I decided to make them reversible so that my girl could choose which side to display and change her mind later on.


I worked with a fabulous textile printer to print the fabric on oyster linen and sew the pillows (with an invisible zipper). I'm thrilled with how they turned out, and if you're so inclined, the pillows are available in my revamped shop in four colors. As always, if you want a custom size or color, just send me a note. The next phase of this project is to illustrate a few more patterns and make this part of a collection. One of my goals for this year is to think in collections rather than isolated designs. I'll share progress here!