What's Been Happening


It's been almost a year since my last post and a lot has changed. For one, we're living in a new [post-election] world, which has been its own time-consuming education. Also, I moved with my family to Indianapolis and we bought our first house (!), a cute little bungalow with a massive, tricolor beech tree out front. (If I haven't mentioned it, we call ourselves the Songbirds, which is a long story involving some embarrassing pop-culture references, so I won't bore you with it here.) In light of all the changes, I thought I'd share a little update here for the curious. 


Over the last year I've been so lucky to work on some fantastic projects with wonderful art directors. I'll be updating my portfolio over the next week with new projects, and the first is this cover I illustrated and hand-lettered with Simon & Schuster for a new release of Barbara Dee's middle-grade book, Star-Crossed, which is about twelve-year-old Mattie who develops a crush on Gemma while they rehearse together for the school play, Romeo & Juliet. The book has garnered much praise, and this edition will be released early next year.

This month, I also opened an online shop with my illustrated wallpapers. This came about slowly over the last two years as I started to make patterns and then wanted to see what they'd look like on walls (I have a long, long history of drawing on walls). As I posted mockups on Instagram, people started to ask if they could buy my wallpapers, and it got me thinking about a shop. I found an excellent printer and a crack developer and voilà - now I have a shop. (Voilà is a bit of an understatement: Christian and my brother, Greg, spent hours, if not weeks, helping me through the process that at many points made me want to curl into a ball and die.) I'm still figuring out exactly what the shop is and will be, but I am so thrilled to have it up and running.


Lastly, I'm starting a new, ongoing project tomorrow (preview above). It will be imperfect, but the gist is that I'll post an image to my Instagram feed some or most days at lunch time. Details to come. Happy Monday, y'all!